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What is a browser and a plug-in, what are they used for?

Browser is a program used for Internet site surfing (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and etc.), plugins are extensions for browsers with special functionality (to play music, video, view documents and other options).

What is the risk of insecure browsers and plug-ins?

The red color of a check result indicates that an insecure vulnerable component (browser or plug-in) has been detected. Vulnerability is a weak point that allows attackers to access your computer and infect it. It may happen even if you do not download or install programs from the Internet. Just browse an infected website and all your passwords will "flow away" to hackers, you won't suspect anything. We recommend you to update your system in time and check it with Surfpatrol.

What are botnets and what have they to do with browser vulnerabilities?

According to our research, 9 of 10 users can get infected at any moment because of breaches in browsers or their add-ons. Surfing with an insecure browser, you take the risk of downloading a harmful file not detected by anti-viruses. Such files are usually downloaded stealthily, without your consent.

In most cases such viruses send their masters all your passwords, credit card numbers, scan and steal your files. However, that's not the half of it — your computer may become a member of a botnet, which is not detected by anti-viruses either. In this case your computer executes certain commands — it may participate in mass spamming, take part in DDoS attacks against sites, and in general, perform any request from the botnet master.

Many of such viruses exploit vulnerabilities that have already been fixed in new versions of browsers and plug-ins. However, according to our statistics, a lot of users have no idea that vulnerable programs are a huge security threat, so they keep ignoring security updates.

I have installed the latest version of a program — why does Surfpatrol indicate a danger?

An error, which has not been fixed yet, is probably detected. Cyber criminals usually use such errors (not fixed vulnerabilities) to crack computers and steal personal data.

If a vulnerability is detected in a plug-in, we recommend you to disable the plug-in or to use alternatives that provide the same features.

If a vulnerability exists in your browser, and there are no security updates issued, we recommend you to use an interim browser.

How to delete a plug-in?

Plug-ins cannot be disabled via the add-on interface in such browsers as Safari, Google Chrome (version up to 6), Mozilla Firefox (version up to 3), and Opera (up to version 11).

How to download updates and eliminate a vulnerability?

An update (a patch) is a special file that "closes" errors in programs. Viruses cannot penetrate through it. If an insecure component is detected, click the red button, and you will be automatically forwarded to an appropriate vendor's site to download the patch.

Why should I scan every browser separately?

Surfpatrol scans the browser that you use to open our website as a separate program installed on your computer or smartphone and is unable to access other browsers. Each browser is an independent program. Therefore, if you want to check them all, you should open Surfpatrol separately with every web browser. Individually for Chrome, FF, IE, Opera and each time you will get different results.

Why is it necessary to check my browser regularly?

Attackers are constantly looking for vulnerabilities to attack computers of unprotected users, and immediately attack if any vulnerability is found. Vendors react with updates and patches. If you miss a new version, your computer can fall prey to malware. To save your time, we have collected all the data and updates on Surfpatrol.

What is needed to prevent infection?

You always have a choice:

  • turn off your computer and the Internet and never think of these trifles
  • install updates via the links suggested by Surfpatrol
  • do nothing and wait until your computer is hacked

Using Surfpatrol, you can get:

  • an accurate data on your protection level with illustrations
  • a protection from your personal actual threats
  • current monitoring of new threats made by professionals
Supported OSes and browsers
  • Internet
    Explorer 6+
  • Mozilla
    Firefox 1.0+
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera 9.50+
  • Safari 3+
  • Android Browser
  • Firefox Mobile
  • Opera Mini/Mobile
  • Safari Mobile
  • Chrome Mobile