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About Surfpatrol

Surfpatrol. Check your system security online

Is anti-virus installed on your system? Perfect, but not enough! Updating is as important for your system protection as using anti-virus. Hackers are permanently trying to crack your computer, and vendors are issuing patches to protect systems from malware. No anti-virus is able to patch holes in your browser or its plug-ins. In order to protect your system from viruses and different infections that roam about the Internet, install patches regularly. Use Surfpatrol online service.

Your browser may be insecure!

Viruses can penetrate into your computer without your knowledge through breaches in plug-ins and browsers. Plug-in is a program that is embedded into your browser and extends its functionality. 9 of 10 users have installed plug-ins.

Check with Surfpatrol — it’s quick and easy!

The check starts as soon as you open the check page and takes no more than a couple of seconds. Recommendations are simple: as a rule, you should only download updates. Surfpatrol suggests links only to the websites of official vendors, you may be easy on downloading software this way. We permanently update vulnerability database, and you can be confident that no update is neglected.

Browser and plug-in updates provide security in the Internet

Updates eliminate flaws in browser and plug-in protection systems. Program vendors issue updates trying to make new versions more reliable and secure. A new version is not only new features, but protection against detected vulnerabilities as well. The easiest and the most effective method to protect your system is to update it timely.

Add Surfpatrol extension to your browser
to automate the process of monitoring your computer’s security

Surfpatrol extension quietly scans your browser and notifies you if any of the plugins or the browser is insecure. Notifications appear in the browser’s toolbar.

Clicking the extension icon will open the scan report page at The report page shows you what programs are insecure and gives you recommendations how to address the vulnerabilities.