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Protect Yourself From Internet Virus Attacks

Browsers and their plug-ins may be insecure. How to protect yourself from viruses? You can check your system with Surfpatrol and prevent attacks via your browser. Press "Check your browser" and follow Surfpatrol recommendations. Surfpatrol will point out those programs that need protection — be sure that your computer is secure.

Vulnerable plug-ins and browsers are flaws in your system protection

Red check warns you about a vulnerability in a browser or plug-in. Vulnerability is a weak point that allows attackers to access your computer and infect it. You won’t even notice it — just browse an infected website and all your passwords will "flow away" to hackers. We recommend you to update your system in time and check it with Surfpatrol.

Eliminate vulnerabilities

An update (a patch) is a special file that "closes" errors in programs. Viruses cannot penetrate through it. If an insecure component is detected, click the red button, and you will be automatically forwarded to an appropriate vendor’s site to download the patch.

Surfpatrol browser extension

Surfpatrol extension automates the process of monitoring your computer’s security and thus make regular visits to unnecessary. It quietly scans your browser and notifies you if any of the plugins or the browser is insecure. Clicking the extension icon will open the scan report page.